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Forthcoming Events

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  • CDA Shows
    18 October 2017 - 26 October 2019, 09:44 - 09:45
    CDA Shows
    CDA Shows
    18 October 2017 - 26 October 2019, 09:44 - 09:45
    CDA Express, Croydon, CR0 0XZ
    Cost: £6,000.00

    Whether your objective is business development, client engagement, product launch, networking or knowledge sharing, CDA specialises on the core elements that make an event successful: compelling content, great design & effective audience acquisition.

    We research and write compelling and relevant content.  We will develop attractive and effective design (web, print, HTML, PDF…) that matches your branding and communications style and conveys your identity the way you want.

    We do all the heavy lifting necessary to develop your audience, ultimately driving delegate registration.



  • Mentoring Training Course
    15 March 2019 - 16 May 2019, 09:00 - 16:30
    Mentoring Training Course
    Corporate Coach Group Training
    15 March 2019 - 16 May 2019, 09:00 - 16:30
    Leeds City, Leeds, LS1 4BR
    Cost: £1,050.00

    Your organisation will undoubtedly have staff who have evolved into the role of mentor. A mentor is a person who is able to inspire positive changes in the performance of others by acting as a role model.

    This practical two-day Mentoring training course will give your mentors clear guidance in being a good role model and show them how to get the best performance from themselves, and the people they are mentoring.

    The skills that delegates will develop on this course include:

    • Clear communication
    • Accurate use of language
    • Planning and setting of goals
    • Rational conflict and performance management
    • Motivation of themselves and others.

    Corporate Coach Group is an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) recognised training provider, as well as being CPD accredited. 

  • First Line Managers Training Course
    25 March 2019 - 26 September 2019, 09:00 - 16:30
    First Line Managers Training Course
    Corporate Coach Group Training
    25 March 2019 - 26 September 2019, 09:00 - 16:30
    London Central, London, W2 2EA
    Cost: £1,050.00

    First line managers have a difficult time because they often feel under pressure from all sides; from their own team members, from more senior managers, as well as pressure from customers.

    This two-day First Line Managers training course is designed to help participants develop a series of methods to allow them to function more confidently and with more skill in the management of people, conflict management, communication, motivation and time management. These important skills will help them inspire the rest of the team to move forward together.

    Delegates who attend this First Line Managers training course will:

    • Inspire a positive mental attitude in the team and motivate others.
    • Be able to handle difficult people, quickly and easily.
    • Achieve your targets and gain respect.
    • Learn how to handle interruptions and distractions.
    • Improve their communication skills to give clear instructions.
    • Learn how to delegate.
    • Be able to solve problems before they occur with proper planning and preparation.
    • Learn how to give constructive criticism.

    Corporate Coach Training is an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Recognised Training Provider, as well as being CPD accredited. 

  • Google Analytics Training - Bristol
    25 April 2019, 09:00 - 13:00
    Google Analytics Training - Bristol
    Online Seller UK
    25 April 2019, 09:00 - 13:00
    Future Inns Hotel Bristol, Bristol, BS1 3EN
    Cost: £300.00

    Google Analytics helps you analyse visitor traffic and help you understand your customers. Most importantly it will help you to track your customer’s journey throughout the purchase cycle. That makes it easier to for you to help your current customers and win new ones.

    You will be able to define goals, match customer journeys to site usage and extract actionable insights from the data produced by your website. You will learn when Google Analytics has been installed correctly, what the measurement and metrics mean, and possible actions to take to enhance your marketing objectives.

    With our Google Analytics training, expect to reduce your customer acquisition costs and spend wisely on your best-performing 

  • Employment Law Update
    25 April 2019, 09:15 - 13:00
    Employment Law Update
    25 April 2019, 09:15 - 13:00
    Holiday Inn Norwich - North, Norwich, NR6 6JA
    Cost: £110.00

    The legal landscape and how it affects your business, or workplace, is constantly evolving.

    Our Employment Law Update brings you up to date on recent changes in legislation and also highlighting what’s planned to come into force in the future; a key consideration for business planning.

    Our experienced trainers explain the changes in a practical and straightforward way which will help you understand the legal changes and, importantly, the impact for your organisation