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The Wright Professionals (TWP) – We are a business management consultancy delivering business development and project management solutions for SMEs ( mostly 1-49 employees). If you are starting, have started, or are growing your business - you will need business advice to start, steer and grow your business.

It can be a minefield to work out where to start.  The initial steps to this will be through a health check, an overview of how fit your Business is to Compete. TWP with you, will identify areas requiring support, and facilitate the process to incorporate this into your working practices and business plan, with you we will agree timelines to implement the processes and soon it will become a lot clearer as to who you are as a business, what you need to do to take your business forward, where and when you need to be grow and the why, well you know the why you want to be in business, but it is always great to reaffirm this. With a clear path identified your business will be better placed to benefit from tendering opportunities.

Tendering is an important part of running every business. Knowing the fundamentals and understanding tendering, is a vital business process and practice.

Tendering whether private or public sector requires stages of competence – as part of TWP business management; we are running a series of workshops that support continuous business development. Towards becoming Fit to Compete.

What can you expect from the workshops?

Workshop – Tendering overview - How Fit is Your Business to Compete?
The aim of this workshop is to gain an overview of the criteria, requirements, process of public sector tendering. It supports the understanding of other workshops in the series and opens up the journey plan towards becoming fit to compete

Workshop - Quality Management – what is Quality Management?
The aim of this workshop is to understand your business relationships with your suppliers and customers, what your processes are and how to improve them. How to write a QM statement.

Workshop – Health & Safety – What is Health & Safety in the workplace.
The aim of this workshop is to understand Health & Safety in the workplace and your responsibilities. How to write a Health & Safety Policy.

Workshop – Environmental & Sustainability – What is it, how can your business benefit?
The aim of this workshop is to understand what Environmental & Sustainability is, what does it mean to your business and what are the benefits. How to write an Environmental Policy.

Other Workshops in series -Equality & Diversity – (BCP) Business Continuity Plan  

Workshops are run in central London. Arrangements can be made for companies working with supply chains, to have workshops delivered off site.  

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