Startup Masterclass

Our Mission

The Startup Masterclass aims to provide a means for promoting an inspiring culture and a “can do” environment for the creation and growth of early-stage and growth businesses.

While the programme focuses primarily on start-ups and SMEs with 10 employees or less, it will also benefit freelancers & individuals considering launching their own business venture.

How can we help you?

Starting and growing a business is as much about having great ideas as it is about execution. The programme therefore aims to provide attendees the following types of support:

  • Monthly evening seminars - providing information about essential “know-how” and best practice
  • Interactive discussions with local innovation business owners
  • One-to-one surgeries with experienced mentors
  • Networking opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs
  • Unlimited access to webcasts and online resources

What can I expect from our Masterclass events?

During each Masterclass you will:

  • receive best-practice advise from experienced entrepreneurs or professionals
  • identify the aspects that are most relevant to your venture
  • share relevant experiences and build collaborations will fellow entrepreneurs
  • be provided with online reference material for later use

Each Masterclasses is structured to last a maximum of two hours.

Event organiser

Startup Masterclass
ideaSpace, Hauser Forum
3 Charles Babbage Road
United Kingdom

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