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Creating opportunities through online networks

You want to stand out from the crowd, right? Then let us help you. Here at Social Progress we specialise in social media training and consulting with a particular passion for LinkedIn. Working with us is simple. You tell us what you want to achieve and we will find the best way to help you succeed.

We can work with you in various ways, from individual tailored support to group training seminars, we don’t mind. Our aim is for to be amazing online – and get the results you want.

Ways we can help:

-          Break into new markets

-          Generate sales leads

-          Find a new job

-          Improve your online profile

-          Develop social media strategies that work

We like to think we’ve taken the rocket out of the media science to help make your life that little bit easier.

What’s On

Our Social Progress sessions, seminars and workshops are designed to hit the spot and help you achieve your online networking goals.

Take a look at our events calendar to see what’s on. To coin a phrase from U2, if you still can’t find what you are looking for, drop us a line. We may deliver impromptu sessions if enough people get in touch!

Don’t forget we can also put together bespoke sessions for companies and we offer one to one training for individuals too.

What we do

Social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can seem complicated – how do you get the best out of them without wasting time, energy and money? That’s what we do, we find out what it is that you want to achieve and then through our experience and understanding find the best way to help you achieve your goals.


LinkedIn is an online networking community for business people and has exploded in popularity since it was launched in 2003. It allows members to create professional profiles detailing their expertise and work history, to be recommended by previous employers or clients, to develop professional business contacts, to build working relationships or to find new employment – plus much more! When people want to check up on your professional credibility then they will go to LinkedIn, so you need to get on it, get it right and stand out from the crowd.

The Training

We run training sessions for beginners that we call ‘Starting Out’. Our intermediate sessions are designed to ‘Bringing Home the Bacon’ and for super-users we run a ‘Geek Module’. Find out more below.

Starting Out

These sessions are particularly helpful for people that have been members for less than 12 months or are occasional users of LinkedIn. We will cover:

-          Getting started; How you register

-          Creating a great and compelling profile

-          Adding skills, achievements and employment history

-          The importance of the right photo

-          Using messages, invitations and InMails

-          How to use the search and filter functions

-          How to build a list of contacts without being a nuisance

-          Managing introductions and requests

-          Free and paid accounts

-          Joining in with groups to showcase your market worth

-          Job searching

-          Lots more

Bringing Home the Bacon

These sessions are typically for users that have been on LinkedIn for a little while now and have more than 50+ connections. We will show you:

-          How to create a ‘hold the front page’ profile

-          Optimising your profile to bring recruiters or business partners to you

-          How to do advanced profile searches

-          How to use all the LinkedIn tools and apps

-          Using LinkedIn news feed, groups and ‘Answers’ to raise your profile

-          Searching, saving and applying for jobs

-          How you can use your connections better

-          Getting quality recommendations

-          What is sideways energy and how to avoid it

-          Tell you more about RSS feeds

-          How to integrate with Twitter and other social media applications

-          Using analytics to measure your effectiveness

-          Targeting companies and what to do once you’ve found them

-          Introducing yourself to prospective employers

-          Loads more

Geek Module

We also have a super-user level called the ‘Geek Module’ which is for those of you who are never off LinkedIn. There is always something new to learn and improvements can always be made. You’ll learn:

-          Planning a strategy, including referrals & recommendations

-          Getting the most out of Profile Organiser

-          Finding key contacts through questions

-          DeveloperAPI’s and plugins

-          Managing open groups

-          Improving your status updates and sharing

-          Using LinkedIn Share to publish

-          LinkedIn technology and engineering

-          Much more


What can LinkedIn do for me?

As well as raising awareness of individuals, LinkedIn is also a great business development and marketing tool for your company if used correctly. Whether you are a sole-trader or managing a multi-national the benefits of using LinkedIn are vast, including finding leads, raising your profile and ultimately earning more profit.

The Training

We will help you showcase you and your company in a variety of ways, from our popular ‘Win with LinkedIn’ session to bespoke training that is tailored to your industry sector. We can cover: 

-          Writing impactful profiles – personal and company

-          Business development

-          Lead generation

-          Market research – know more about your competitors

-          Recommendations and testimonials

-          Measuring your impact

-          Social media strategy

-          Promoting your products and services

-          Profile optimisation so others can find you easily

-          Managing your followers

-          The importance of blogging and status

-          Manage your corporate reputation

-          Netiquette

-          Much more

Who is it for?

If you want to use LinkedIn to gain competitive advantage we run sessions in a variety of ways:

-          Book yourself onto one of our ‘Win with LinkedIn’ sessions. Take a look at our events page for the next date.

-          We come to you. Demand has shown that some companies want a group of staff trained and so we can bring ‘Win with LinkedIn’ to your workplace.

-          We’ve also created bespoke training if you have a specific requirement. We can tailor-make our training to meet the needs of your industry and your team. Simply get in touch to find out more.

How to book?

Our training is for those who really want to improve their LinkedIn experience. We run sessions at venues near you, check out the events calendar to see what’s coming soon.

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