School for Startups

The inspiration of serial entrepreneur and angel investor Doug Richard, School for Startups is a world leader in delivering targeted  programs that teach people how to start and run better businesses.

Our partners range from government programs and universities to economic development agencies in the UK and around the world.  We have enjoyed material and financial support from  hundreds of commercial sponsors as well.

Our in-depth, hands-on,  practical instruction in entrepreneurship covers topics like how to start a business, how to find investors, how to design great products and services, how to implement fast, cost-effective marketing strategies, how to build effective management teams and how to scale a business safely.

In addition, we have designed and delivered targeted courses that foster entrepreneurship in a region, within a disadvantaged population, or within populations that have very specific instructional requirements like researchers, faculty and staff working for universities that need to accelerate technology transfer.

Our programs not only teach new business owners the skills they  need to start, run and scale a strong business, they ensure our entrepreneurs become a part of supportive, self-sustaining communities they can grow with over time.

School for Startups’ overarching mission is to foster economic development and innovation by training entrepreneurs and supporting “young businesses” worldwide.

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