Nick Bettes Consulting

Providing coaching, training and support to business owners.

Wit decades of experience in making businesses perform better we are passionate about helping UK business owners raise their game and take their business to the next level.

Seminars and Workshops

We run a monthly workshop programme for business owners.  This  covers everything from setting a strategy to selling your business and all activities in between.

We also run occasional seminars that address the particular challenges of being a business owner, from setting a direction for the business to finding ways to delegate more and free up time to grow sales.

Event formats

The format varies but it is always interactive, with exercises based on attendees own businesses and lots of examples from real life.  All events include action planning so that attendees can implement change immediately in their own business.  Most events last between three and four hours and carry a small fee..

Event organiser

Nick Bettes Consulting
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