Mums Enterprise Ltd

Mums Enterprise Ltd is a social enterprise which endeavours to help facilitate the ‘Mum Economy’ in the UK through it's platform of regional, child-friendly work and business exhibitions.  

 Founded by two mums, Lindsey Fish and Lucy Chaplin after their own experiences of work and business after babies, the events will help change the work and business lives of attending mums, for the better forever by offering inspiration, opportunities, services and products in an informal and inspirational atmosphere with a focus on providing attendees with the tools and know-how to take action.  Three events have already taken place, the last being in Brighton in February 2017 which saw over 700 mums attend.  By the end of 2017 two further events in London and Birmingham will have taken places increasing the duo's reach to over 2500 mums face to face and thousands more online.  The impact of Mums Enterprise will be huge, watch this space by 2021 it will have helped over 20’000 mums or more.

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Mums Enterprise Ltd
34 Millstream Lodge
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