Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership

The Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is a business-led partnership between local businesses, academia, voluntary organisations and local government with a remit to boost the local economy and create new jobs. Its ambition is for Hertfordshire to become a world-leading economy; one of the top three in the country outside London. To achieve this, the LEP brings together key partners from business, academia and the public sector to provide the necessary strategic leadership, vision and focus to deliver this aim. The LEP has developed a mission, namely:

‘To accelerate business-led economic growth in Hertfordshire'

Fundamentally it will be the private sector that will create the jobs and businesses that will unlock economic growth in Hertfordshire. However the LEP will strive to ensure that EU, central government and local authority investment can be utilised where possible to kick start growth and/or provide some of the infrastructure needed to unlock investment.

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