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Hassell Inclusion is a London-based web inclusion and accessibility consultancy founded by internationally renowned expert and former BBC Head of Usability & Accessibility, Professor Jonathan Hassell. He has been involved in setting strategy for how to produce websites which connect with the widest range of users for over 10 years, and set the design and coding guidelines which helped sites like BBC News Online and BBC iPlayer become household names.

We provide training in enabling website owners to maximise the return on investment their websites bring them - how many clients, customers or leads they attract.

Our Website in 1 Day courses will get SME businesses from nothing to an effective, professional website in just one day. Delegates will plan their website aims as part of a social media strategy, create an information design which is usable to all, implement and launch the site without writing any code, and learn how to maintain it to generate leads and track the growth of their business.
Find more information at: http://websitein1day.co.uk/

Our accessibility strategy courses enable small or large businesses to maximise the audience for their websites and apps by making sure they are accessible to the 20% of the popular who are disabled or elderly. Delegates learn the business case behind accessibility, including how to avoid being used under UK Equality laws, and how to embed an understanding of accessibility strategically in their policies and processes based on the UK web accessibility standards BS 8878. Course tutor Jonathan Hassell is lead-author of BS 8878 and has trained large and small organisations in its implementation worldwide.
Find more information at: http://www.hassellinclusion.com/services/training/

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