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Developing Potential to Deliver Performance

Founded in 1994 Designated Associates is a multi-award winning training, coaching and mentoring business that has adopted socially responsible aims. Our services are delivered in a way that inspire, educate and re-energise individuals and in turn their organisations. We specialise in elevating the performance of individuals, teams and organisations from good to great!

As the economy challenges us to achieve more with less, the cost effectiveness of outsourced training, coaching and leadership development is hard to ignore. Designated Associates works with your organisation, formulating agreed learning outcomes and working within the parameters of set budgets and time scales to deliver enhanced performance and releasing previously untapped potential. Our highly qualified training consultants and coach mentors create a transitional space so that the 'un-discussable' becomes discussable. With support, heightened self awareness and knowledge transfer, change is not just enabled, it is empowered!

Our clients report that our approach to successful leadership and team development delivers transformational change that could not be achieved so efficiently whilst 'doing the day job'. All of our training consultants and coach mentors are specialists in their chosen field and have evidential success, experience and recognised qualifications.

We provide expert consultancy services throughout such areas as; designing and implementing training programmes, analysing training requirements and e-learning solutions.

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