Business Services Support Management Consultancy

Our specialist professional trainers are dedicated and experienced in supporting Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop their business skills, mainly around financial management and business planning. Our focus through our training courses is to help organisations including startups improve their performance through increased customer retention, profitability and workforce commitment. Our training courses make real difference to business improvement and success.

How do they help?

We run open public workshops on a variety of subject areas at locations throughout the UK. We also offer in-house and distance learning courses.

What can I expect from a workshop?

During a workshop you will:

  • learn at your own pace about the technical and practical aspects of the course  subject area covered
  • interact with other members and learn from their situations and how the principles of the course apply to them.
  • explore a variety of case studies that unravel different dimensions of the course contents so that you can transfer the knowledge to your organisation in a seamless manner.
  • have the opportunity to put together your action plan and take away relevant training manual for future reference.

All of our training workshops are full day sessions from 9:30 – 5. Our ‘Training and Support Coaching Meeting’ last for two hours.

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Business Services Support Management Consultancy
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