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Avensure are a leading employment law and health and safety consultancy, we work alongside business owners and HR professionals in companies of all sizes and in all sectors across the whole of the UK.

We provide dedicated advisors, bespoke employment documentation, barrister/solicitor trained legal representation and an indemnity against settlements and awards at tribunal.

At Avensure, we offer a fresh approach to consultancy, training and support services, working closely with SMEs. Our key objective is to become an essential part of your business by providing you with the service and support that works for you. So whether you just need to use us as a safety net or prefer a complete support package, we will ensure you receive the highest level of service and professional advice from our team.

Employment Law is about what you do and crucially how you do it, behind every employment matter there is a legal to adhere to.

Our role is to ensure that when dealing with employee issues, regardless of the complexities, that the legal process is compliant, fair and commercially focused, resulting in giving you a solid level of protection if challenged.

Our experts are available to support you and your business in person, over the phone or by email, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to make sure you get the best value support and service available.

Employment documentation is the backbone of managing employment law effectively, allowing employers to act quickly and efficiently whilst managing risk.

At the heart of our service is our clients, we strive to deliver peace of mind in a complex, subjective and ever changing area of the law in an aspect that is an essential element of your business

We are passionate about customer service and quality, a passion reflected throughout our business and one that has resulted in consistent growth in all of our disciplines. 

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