AdNiaM House

ADNIAM House is a brand management and marketing agency - offering training, support and specialised brand building consultancy services. In particular, we support lifestyle, media and digital technology enterprises. 

Our focus is on providing full-service brand management support, encompassing legal intellectual property (IP) protection issues through to the commercial and creative strategy.  This helps clients to confidently take products to market and pursue growth plans whilst building enduring brands with long-term value.

Our approach to full-stack brand building helps clients to gain commercial success by:

  • Being clear on which IP assets they want to develop.
  • Focus on areas that generate the most value.
  • Prioritise marketing resources and grow their customer base.
  • Protect and manage the IP assets (trade marks as well as copyright, designs, patents) that give them competitive advantage.
  • Minimize brand and financial risks.
  • Help them understand when it is appropriate to seek specialist legal support to bolster their innovation and go-to-market approach.
  • Build long term brand strength that influences the company's financial valuation.
  • Implement successful innovation processes.
  • Apply design and digital marketing capabilities that communicate the brand to customers in the desired way.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs as the go-to-place for brand building. Supporting all brand aspects - creation, protection, management, promotion and communication, all under one roof. We do this while helping clients take advantage of digital channels and opportunities for business growth.

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