Informal Networks Limited

Informal Networks Limited

All organisations are run by people and the relationships they make. Over 50% of relationships are informal in nature. The extent and quality of these relationships is an organisation’s social capital and is the fundamental basis of employee engagement, collaboration and organisational effectiveness.

Informal Networks limited maps relationships by carrying out Social Network Analysis of organisations.  Amongst other things, we pinpoint the key elements of social capital by mapping existing internal and external networks and then planning new or improved collaborations to create disproportionate benefits.  We facilitate previously hidden networks to deliver tangible outcomes. This provides a baseline of evidence for more effective decision making.  Our approach highlights the different influence networks, change-positive people and existing levels of collaboration.  Our social capital expertise will help you use this information to radically improve your organisation.

Organisations we have helped include: IBM, JP Morgan, Friends Provident, NS&I, US Military, Liverpool Direct, Lloyds of London, Nationwide.

We are now running public and ‘customised organisational’ 2 day courses, entitled Social Network Analysis for Organisational Change.  

Delegates will be able to use our unique ‘NetHidden’ (copyright protected) software and on successful completion of the course will receive a SNA Practioner Certificate and a one year licence to use the NetHidden online analysis tool.

What can I expect from the workshops?

How to:

  • Identify the influential people in an organisation, independent of their     position in the hierarchy
  • Use the key influencers to achieve organisational change
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Use social networks to solve specific problems or address business challenges
  • Assess your organisation’s readiness for change
  • Identify and overcome the obstacles to change
  • Use electronic tools to quickly and accurately analyse social networks



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