Grow are the trusted small business marketing experts who help ambitious businesses owners achieve dramatic growth through innovative and cost effective marketing that works.

  • Make it simple and easy for you to be a successful marketer by taking the overwhelm factor out of social media, online and traditional marketing
  • Give you down to earth practical advice, strategic direction and great ideas that are cost effective and easy for you to implement
  • Over 10 years’ experience working with SMEs, social enterprises and charities revitalising all aspects of sales and marketing.

"Their work has increased our revenues by £289,000 over 5 years and this figure is still growing. They are reliable and consistently excellent performers and were a joy to work with. They're methodical, concise and imaginative." - Henry Richardson, The Phone Coop.

How can we help you?

Marketing Masterclasses

Over 500 business owners have attended our workshops to learn about essential low cost marketing tools and the latest SME marketing strategies. Our popular Marketing Masterclass is held every month at the British Library and we also run workshops at the Tottenham Court Road O2 Store.

“I'm already trained and experienced in Marketing but this workshop exposed me to how the discipline has been transformed by new technology. I understand all the basic concepts but was totally intrigued by how they are done in the new medium. This was truly a "Master Class". The presenter didn't talk down to the audience and hand a lot of examples and case studies from the experienced participants.” – Devon Thomas, Lambeth Enterprise

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Marketing Consultancy Services

Imagine if you had your own in-house marketing expert without the overheads of a marketing manager! We can work with you once a month to examine your business and provide specially tailored recommendations for your strategy. Over 85 business owners have worked with us one-to-one with some great results:

  • Sales increased by £25,000 after 3 sessions with Grow
  • Turnover increased by 40% after 12 hours with Grow
  • Quotes increased by 27%, with 20% conversion

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