Consilient Consulting Limited

What do we do?

We support clients and organisations using our experience and knowledge of the contemporary challenges of change. We do this from a menu of tried and tested products and services, working with key stakeholders to effectively deal with many types of organisational change, including:

  • Organisational expansion due to increased levels of work.
  • Organisational downsizing and/or refocusing an organisation because of changes in the market.
  • Exploring and restoring accountability, governance, role clarity and procedure.
  • Evaluating current procedures and working systems to enable more efficient systems to evolve and minimise ‘red tape’.
  • Preparing to deal with public attention or staff scrutiny.
  • Working with the emotional impact of trauma in the workplace.
  • Improvements required by formal warnings that have been issued.
  • Ensuring organisational changes take into account legal requirements and are fully taken on board by the whole organisation.
  • Developing dramatically improved customer service and re-focusing on customer outcomes.

Our ‘start anywhere’ service means we can work immediately without the need for detailed background work.  Our Consilient approach, bringing together the key people to support sustained transformation and change is cost effective, focused on the unique demands of the individual business and means that the skills, knowledge and abilities developed stay with the client. Brian is currently completing a Doctoral study on change and how it happens.

Who is our typical client?

Our clients tend to be those at the most challenging point of critical, risky change. As a result most of our clients are medium to large organisations as this is where changes can take longer and are more difficult to embed without assistance. We work with the private sector, public sector and the voluntary community and faith sector.

Developing significant change processes that really work:

Our services are bespoke and dictated by our client’s requirements. We really care about the work we do promoting sustainable, efficient and effective changes and delivering added value.

We will always support the client to deal with their most pressing or difficult issue first and often find that this means they deal with the other challenges in a more planned and organized way.

Our customer feedback shows that participants always leave our events feeling significantly better than when they came in, irrespective of the difficulties and challenges we are facing with them.

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