Biz in a Box Limited

Biz in a Box aims to help the start-up gain essential information to allow them to get their business up and running and earning money.  

How do they help?

We hold seminars where local business people will chat and show you how to get the best out of what is available either money wise or services wise.  We would aim to have our team plus a minimum of two speakers to chat about marketing and finance.

During the seminar we hope you will:

  • learn about marketing skills
  • be able to discuss money - grants and obtaining finance
  • be given reference material to take away with you
  • ensure that you are complying with all legal regulations in setting up your business

Most seminars last about two hours, and are geared towards question and answers sessions, where the team will deal with all things start-up related.

Event organiser

Biz in a Box Limited
Preston Technology Centre
Marsh Lane
United Kingdom

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