Big Business Events

Working alongside Adam Stott of Big Cars, the purpose of Big Business Event’s creation is to reach all business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone simply aspiring to having a successful career. Hosting free seminars across the UK and Europe, Adam touches on what he has proven to be an actual recipe for success. From turning nothing into £40million in just 8 years as well as forging a stable network of colleagues and clients across a wealth of industries.

Millions of people want to

  • Own and grow their own business
  • Expand their personal wealth
  • Change their current business culture
  • Invest in their business without spending money


Collaborating with incredible minds such as Lee McQueen, we at Big Business Events want to work with you by inviting you to

  • Free seminars to gauge the scope of Adam’s experience and knowledge
  • Workshops to focus on different hard-hitting topics
  • The opportunity to mix with other businesses and industries to problem solve and air ideas
  • Intimate one on one coaching sessions to focus on your business solely
  • Benefit on-going support and invaluable advice 


Take a step toward the secret of real, attainable success and let us help you set alight to that motivation and perseverance to reach your goals.

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