Beyond World Class Performance

What do we do? 

We help organisations of all sizes achieve & exceed World-Class levels of safety, operation & business performance. 


This is achieved through highly interactive workshops and on-site coaching / mentoring that focus on safety behavioural change and the application of the Lean Sigma methodology. We are currently offering 6 Sigma Green and Yellow belt training courses that can equip your team with key skills to drive up performance and make real changes to your organisation. In addition we provide training and coaching to help your site or factory eliminate serious injuries - this is a key building block to world class cost and quality performance

Your Challenges

Are your unit costs under pressure?

Are you scrap or rework costs high?

Is your OEE / Uptime below world class levels?

Is machine reliability costing you money?

Are some of your processes a ‘black art’ that only the most experienced operatives can run?

Are your customers complaining of variability and consistency issues?

6 Sigma Green & Yellow Belt training gives your delegates the skills to tackle these issues and improve performance significantly. 


Pioneered by Motorola in the late 80’s companies like General Electric, DuPont, Kodak, & American Express soon adopted the 6 Sigma methodology and reported significant improvements to productivity as a direct result of the techniques. 25 years on the ideology, tools and techniques have now been successfully deployed all over the world in companies of all sizes and across a wide range of service and manufacturing industries.

Next steps

To learn more about how you can eliminate injuries or deliver step change improvements by deploying Lean Sigma give Chris Lakin a ring on 07765221819 or visit the web site to read some case studies. 

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