Begbroke Science Park

We are a pioneering development for Oxford University, housing over 30 spin-out and start-up businesses that represent different technical sectors including materials, engineering, environment, energy, medicine and pharmaceutical. Begbroke Science Park’s mission is to help companies strengthen their academic links, if required. Many have arisen from university activities, many others are attracted by our academic facilities and personnel. We are also home to a number of research groups in the engineering, materials and life sciences as well encompassing knowledge transfer activities.

We organise networking events, seminars and workshops to facilitate business growth and development, and encourage partnerships between academia and industry.

Our mission is to create and sustain an environment in which interaction between industry and learning constantly produces new synergies, and to help entrepreneurs translate those synergies into innovations which meet today's industrial challenges.

Interdisciplinary and applied research activity, its translation into products, access to facilities, and the close interaction of companies with academics, are the things that make Begbroke special.

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Begbroke Science Park
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