Amicus Business Solutions

AMICUS Business Solutions Ltd is a company specialising in 1-2-1 coaching and high quality training to help companies overcome the barriers they face in the development of their businesses.

We are skilled in

'Peak Performance ' Training

Company-specific Bespoke Training Development and Delivery

High Growth Coaching

Executive Mentoring

Leadership and Development Training

Strategic & Business Planning Facilitation

Workshops & Presentations

Our workshops and presentations are highly interactive sessions designed to equip you with the latest knowledge and to help you to apply it in the workplace for the benefit of your company.

Where possible we aim to help you solve the problems you are facing by diagnosing issues, suggesting solutions and advising on how to plan and implement any changes required.

What you will get

Highly motivational and lively workshops with excellent transfer of knowledge. Time to ask questions and discuss your own issues if you wish to do so.  


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Amicus Business Solutions
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