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Always Onwards Ltd is an advisory/training business that specialises in the support of professional service sector entrepreneurs. 

Always Onwards is managed by Dom Moorhouse. Dom is a business advisor/author, angel investor and serial entrepreneur. His on-going authorship of the ‘Five-Year Entrepreneur’ series of guides is targeted at current, and aspirant, professional service firm entrepreneurs who ultimately seek financial autonomy from an ambitious growth strategy. In addition to writing and speaking on this topic, Dom provides advisory/mentoring support (including non-executive director) to such companies.

Dom is not a full-time author/advisor; rather, his books and advisory services are based on over twenty-year’s experience of actually building high-performing teams and businesses. Dom founded Moorhouse, growing it from singleton start-up in 2004 to a c. £20m (valuation) business in 2008 when it was sold to BT as part of a deliberate build-to-sale, five-year strategy. Dom subsequently stayed on to lead the firm’s continued success – growing it to a c. £14m/annum revenue business at the time of handing over the MD reins in 2011. During his tenure as the MD, Moorhouse won a major national award (MCA, APM, IBC) every year of its existence in recognition of such work, including multiple ‘firm of the year’ plaudits. The company continues to thrive as one of the most respected business transformation companies in the UK, with c. 100 staff, serving multiple premier/global clients. 

Dom runs a 2.5-day 'Entrepreneur Retreat’ twice a year (typically March and September) near Bath, UK. These content-packed seminars, capped to fifteen ambitious leaders of professional service SME firms (or aspirant entrepreneurs), provide attendees with a wealth of information on the topic of growing a successful and valuable business. These events also forge powerful peer support groups to help delegates in delivering their growth plans beyond the Retreat. 

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